What does ABVote do?

ABVote is a voter information platform that uses your GPS location or IP-address (or a manually input residence address if you’re not currently at home) to instantly generate precinct specific voter information. This includes:

  • Ballot measures
  • Voter ID requirements
  • Polling location and turn-by-turn directions
  • Election calendar and reminders
  • Step-by-step voter registration instructions and forms
  • Step-by-step FPCA instructions and forms
  • And more!

Is it free?

ABVote Basic includes all the features listed above and is currently free for all users!

How do I get ABVote?

ABVote is available without download online and for download on iOS or Android smart phones and tablets.

What is ABVote Premium?

ABVote Premium is our master system designed for use by election administrators and can be whatever you want it to be. ABVote Premium includes:

  • Comprehensive backend for administrators
  • Automatic multiple database comparison for fraud reduction
  • Intelligent generation of reports
  • Direct transmission of UOCAVA Ballots (electronic ballot marking through smart phones and tablets)
  • Fully electronic voter registration, absentee ballot request and FWAB
  • Customized programming to fit your jurisdiction’s needs

If you’re interested in more information on ABVote Premium click here.

What happens to my personal information?

ABVote will never save, sell or collect your information. Unlike other voter registration or information websites, ABVote doesn’t require you to make an account or store any personal information. We provide information and generate forms based on your address---otherwise you are safely anonymous!

Is ABVote partisan?

ABVote is non-partisan. We provide all voters with fair information and help in the voting process.

Where do I start?

Right here!