Election Administrators

Interested in contributing to the project?

Over 30% of US jurisdictions have recognized the value of our project and have participated in making ABVote the best information platform for voters. ABVote is built on the USPS address database, Google Maps and many other sources, but the best information we can get for voters comes directly from you. It costs nothing to contribute, just send us your local data (state, county, municipality, whatever!) and we will format and input it. Contributing is a great way to help your local voters get the best possible information in a secure, reliable and portable format. Join us!

ABVote Premium

ABVote Premium is our master system designed for use by election administrators. By partnering with ABVote you can provide your staff and your voters with a fast and secure platform for election administration. Domestic and overseas voters can access information, paperwork and applications through your elections department sponsored app or website, along with the instructions to properly and securely complete them. On the other end, administrators can run the pre-election process through a holistic system with built in protections against fraud or data breaches. Here are just some of the features of ABVote Premium:

  • Fully electronic transmission of forms with e-signature
  • Submission of forms is automatically captured in the back end for intuitive viewing of activity levels, sources, updated reports, and submissions flagged as suspicious
  • Automatic generation of intelligent reports
  • Overseas and military voters can submit and receive marked ballots electronically through smart phones, tablets, web browsers or Wireless Application Program (WAP)
  • Automatic comparison of information against multiple databases
  • Elimination of the costs of transmission errors, data entry by hand, printing of excessive paper forms, returned mail and processing costs and the payroll of temporary employees hired in the influx of forms prior to elections
  • Safe transmission of all data in compliance with federal security requirements


The most important feature of ABVote Premium is that it can be customized to fit the needs of any elections board. Our extensive experience in the development of elections software enables you to develop the exact system that will fulfill both your unique needs and legal obligations. ABVote is a proven system, allowing administrators to easily and unobtrusively customize the best possible tool for their elections.

If you are interested in finding out more about ABVote Premium contact us.