About Us

About Votem Corp

Votem is a revolutionary Mobile Voting Platform (MVP)®, designed to securely cast votes in elections across the globe. Built in part by the best minds on the planet through a global mobile voting innovation challenge, Votem is building the most secure, transparent and cost effective voting platform in the world. Votem has launched a full out offensive in order to change the way we vote. We believe that mobile voting will create positive change in the world by bringing modern voting to the modern world.

Company History

Votem was founded in 2014 in Cleveland, Ohio and is a building the world’s most secure online / mobile voting platform leveraging state-of-the-art technology considered by many experts as the only ideal solution for voting systems.

In fact, the Washington Post states that our technology is, “…a technology that will change the world…”, the World Economic Forum calls our platform architecture, “…the Fourth Industrial Revolution” and the Wall Street Journal states that it is the “…Catalyst for Massive Change…”

Our Mobile Voting Platform was built on this advanced technology which was a direct result of the global innovation challenge we conducted where we offered a $250,000 prize for anyone in the world that could invent an online voting systems that was mass hack-proof, provided end-to-end voter verifiability (while remaining anonymous) and voter authentication as good as going to the polls.

Our platform allows any voter to use their smart phone, and in some cases the web, to register, vote and verify that their ballot was cast as intended in any/all types of elections.

Our customers are incredibly dedicated and mission-driven people that want to ensure that every election is fair and that is vote is counted and Votem is in service to these amazing people.